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wheat fields cooking with hemp seed oil

Our gorgeous, Green Hemp seed oil is purely natural, organic and cold-pressed and best of all it's Grown, Owned & Made right here in Australia for over 30 years.
Did you know that cold pressing helps maintain that light and nutty taste? Hemp seed oil is fabulous on your skin from the 'Outside In' and you can use it to your diet to nourish from the 'Inside Out'.
Green Hemp seed oil is packed with The Good Oil: omega 3's, which are essential fatty acids & can aid in good brain and heart function as well as boosting circulation and your immune system.
BTW... did you know that Green Hemp Oil has 25 times more omega 3’s and 40% less saturated fat than olive oil?

H E M P  S E E D  O I L  P E S T O
Did someone say Pesto without olive oil? Some of us have done the Pesto with Coconut oil and it’s good.. But our Pesto with the delicious nutty flavour of our hemp seed oil is great and raises the bar on nutrition!... So basically dig-out your old Pesto recipe and replace the olive oil with our Green Hemp seed oil and reap the benefits :)