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GREEN HEMP AUSTRALIA, as you've come to know and love, was founded way back in 1989 in St Andrews, Victoria, Australia by Colin Buckler.
 Founder | Owner |  Environmentalist |  Bushfire Survivor
Vice President Industrial Hemp Association Victoria 2021/Member iHemp WA ,
Colin comes from generations of Farmers originally from Parwan Victoria and then Dalby in the Darling Downs, Queensland.
Colin grew up on his parents farm in Dalby in the 60’s. Most of the farmers in that region grew cotton which was in high demand at the time. However, growing cotton put excessive demands on the natural water resources in the area. The cotton farmers dammed up the rivers - stopping the natural flow of the waterways to the Murray and the Murrumbidgee Rivers, resulting in massive environmental destruction. This devastation had a lasting impact on Colin as a child, seeing his beautiful, natural playground of creeks, green pastures and abundant wildlife disappear due to these unsustainable farming practices during the 1970’s and 80’s. This fueled Colin’s desire to make a change.
In later years he began learning about the environmental benefits of growing Hemp for fabric as an alternative to cotton!  Hemp crops grow twice as fast as cotton and require far less water and chemical fertilisers or pesticides .
The first Hemp Colin ever used was for his T-shirt designs for his imfamous Australian music band The Painters & Dockers in 1983. Colin toured the world as Drummer with the band for over 25 years and when he wasn’t playing or rehearsing he would share and gather information and research about his other passion; Hemp. His GREEN HEMP business grew from strength to strength.
Colin pioneered much of the initial research into Hemp Fabrics in Australia and the powerful Hemp Seed Oil benefits for health and skincare in the 70’s & 80's. 
Colin designed and produced a large range of Hemp clothing during this period and this was the starting point for the conception of GREEN HEMP AUSTRALIA. Colin then began to research and develop skincare lotions with the ever powerful Hemp Seed Oil. His supporters and the shops that stocked the skincare products at the time soon let him know what was working and what wasn’t!  Many people were very interested, yet cynical with comments  “that’s a great gimmick there mate.“ Little did they know at the time how beneficial this oil is for us all , Babies to Grandparents ..
The beautiful recipes have been slightly tweaked and simplified since those days. The amazing GREEN HEMP products have brought a lot of joy and healing to hundreds of loyal customers and staff over the years since 1989.
Devastatingly, the GREEN HEMP AUSTRALIA brand and Colin’s home in the bushlands of St Andrews in Victoria, were completely destroyed in the catastrophic Black Saturday bush fires of 2009.
Colin’s family and three other families that sheltered together before the house caught alight, escaped to the creek for refuge just seconds before the entire home was engulfed in flames. 
Amazingly and with shear determination over the next few years Colin rebuilt his home and business again, in St Andrews.
GREEN HEMP AUSTRALIA now focus mainly on B2B and Retail of the finest organic 100% Australian Grown, Owned & Made Hemp Seed Oil  available on the market today and of course, the beautiful and trusted skincare and hair care range is going from strength to strength with exciting new product realeases underway.
Wholesale and Retail .
Alison Rogers GREEN HEMP AUSTRAIA sales and marketing manager
Sales & Marketing Manager
Alison joined Colin and The Green Team early in 2020 and together are moving forward stronger than ever. Together they bring their own unique and incredible talents to the table and invisage taking GREEN HEMP AUSTRALIA from strength to strength.
Alison is excited to work alongside Colin on his passionate project and her priorities include managing product design & development and is focused on streamlining the entire customer journey from order to fulfilment. She is also working to support and develop new markets throughout Australia .
She lives in beautiful Mandurah, Western Australia with her daughter Lily who is at University in Perth and her son Harrison who attends High School.
Prior to joining GREEN HEMP AUSTRALIA, Alison had a happy and very successful 30 year career as an Independent Cosmetic Sales Director, managing a motivated team of over 80 sales consultants for an internationally renowned Cosmetics company. Alison’s established career came to an abrupt halt as the company closed down their Australian operations in March 2020. Alison decided  that she wanted to pursue a more environmentally friendly range of products in a sustainable growth industry. Her search led her right to GREEN HEMP AUSTRALIA. Alison’s ideas coupled with her strengths, values, dreams and commitment to make a positive change in the world and the environment was a natural transition to GREEN HEMP. Her desire to create and nurture a legacy for generations to come, leading to only positive effects on our planet, aligned perfectly with GREEN HEMP’S philosophies. Alison brings motivation, energy and a spark to this long established, Australian company. She will keep striving to strip down unnecessary, over-consumption of the Earth’s resources and brings to GREEN HEMP AUSTRALIA a philosophy of simple, honest, solution-based ideas to GHA and the planet.
In a nutshell, Alison brings to the table 30+ years experience in a very competitive industry. She knows what people want from a skincare range and is looking forward to bringing the natural power of hemp seed oil to GREEN HEMP AUSTRALIA range